Why Musician Labs?

Attend Labs From Anywhere.

Because we’re using Google Hangouts to deliver the live-video Labs, you don’t have to pack up and head to Nashville or L.A. to get the world’s finest instruction in songwriting and the music business. With scheduled Labs, lectures, demonstrations, and one-on-one mentoring sessions, you can fully participate in the entire Lab series from anywhere you go.

A free Google account, a WI-FI connection, and your favorite computer or mobile device – that’s all you need.


Monty and Anna in The Lab

The Music Business Changes Rapidly.

Having up-to-the-minute information about trends and creative direction is critical to the formula for success. What could be more valuable than knowing that the Tuesday night video lecture will be given by Monty from the back of Lady Antebellum’s bus after having written with them that morning?

Or Monty teaching a Lab directly after having a dinner conversation with Sam Hunt or Hunter Hayes?ML-Element-BIG-435x501

Or Anna leading a Lab the next evening after performing on stage the night before with Esperanza Spalding?

Your key Musician Labs leaders and our extended family of Lab partners are engaged everyday in the business at the highest levels and are ready to teach you from our positions of influence and inside access to the most current information available.

Is Musician Labs Worth It?

The old saying is true, “It’s cheaper to go first class.” Too many programs, camps and offerings for songwriters are led by people who are barely ahead of their students in the complicated food chain of the music industry. Their glory days are far behind them or they moved the needle a couple of times along the way, but they’ve been grasping to pick it back up ever since.

To get current, close, personal access and mentoring from the very top-tier active talent in any industry is almost always an expensive proposition (if it can be accessed at all). Top-level sports coaches and business leaders command huge sums simply to give one-way keynote addresses for corporate retreats. We make our living in the music business by writing songs. Our time and knowledge is valuable, as is your time and energy.

Because of the skill, knowledge and history of repeat success that Monty, Anna and the entire Musician Labs staff has, we can quickly diagnose song structure issues in a very concentrated manner. Whether issues with arrangement, the need for the right musical scene change, or with editing and strengthening images and hooks, we provide expert guidance on every facet of the industry. No set of books, pre-recorded stale content, or outdated boilerplate lectures will ever be able to match our live-video, interactive Labs. Simply put: They’re worth it.Anna in the Lab

After completing Musician Labs (and only after completing it), students will receive exclusive access to powerful tools to help them begin a path toward monetizing their Monty in The Labcrafts – a truly unique benefit that separates Musician Labs from any other songwriting service or workshop. Musician Labs will prepare students for REAL success by helping them unlock and apply our proven formulas. Some students will choose to stop here, having established a stronger skill-set and better understanding of what’s required to make it as a career songwriter. They’ll have their song. Others will push forward and begin taking advantage of these carefully-selected, advanced professional services and relationships. Our pay-as-you-go Business Action Labs open the doors that most professional songwriters have trouble finding in their lifetimes, let alone their careers. Think of Musician Labs as an investment in your future.

If songwriting’s only a hobby for you, that’s absolutely fine! You want just have a blast, but you’ll see your song come to life and know that it’s really good! Our Musician Labs Guarantee ensures you’ll walk away with a song that is “above-the-bar” by the highest industry standards while carrying the Musician Labs professional stamp of approval. This element alone is worth the cost of admission.

After just five, live-video Labs over 60 days, Musician Labs will have your songwriting game at the highest level that it can be.



By the conclusion of the 5-Lab series, Musician Labs guarantees every student will have completed the course having written a song that is “above the bar” by the highest industry standards and carries the Musician Labs professional stamp of approval.