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For serious Musician Labs graduates with aspirations of advancing further and exploring songwriting as a career, we offer the full array of services in our Business Action Labs – services traditionally provided by a major publishing company, but in a simple pay-as-you-go model WITHOUT TAKING ANY OF YOUR PUBLISHING RIGHTS! You retain 100% ownership of your song. This means you keep what you’ve earned and possess a valuable bargaining chip if a major publisher comes calling.

Song-Pitching Services  Exclusive Song-Pitching Services – get your songs heard by the right people!

Emma Grandillo Musician Labs

Emma Grandillo –
Nashville, TN

To see that your best material gets heard by the powers-that-be in the industry, Musician Labs has established an exclusive song-pitching relationship with Emma Grandillo.

As we know from our universal formulas, access is the success multiplier that works on your energy and knowledge. Based in Nashville and very well-networked, Emma has been in the music industry for over 25 years and specializes in locating and negotiating opportunities for the commercial placement of songs.

When you are ready to take the next step, Musician Labs has a special pricing structure and arrangement with Emma that is not as complicated or burdensome as either traditional publishing deals or song-plugging arrangements by an independent.

With a simple pay-as-you go strategy, you can have Emma pitching your songs for artists, Film/TV placements, and other vehicles to see that your work gets out there to the world.



Professional Demo Production  Professional Demo Production – get your songs professionally recorded in the right style and with the right musicians and singers!

Some songwriters are great lyricists but have a hard time bringing their songs to life and getting them recorded in a professional manner. Our network of the most talented singers and musicians in Nashville just became your band.



Digital Sampler  Bi-Annual Digital Song Sampler – the 10 best songs from Musician Labs make it on the digital sampler and get serviced to industry!

Twice a year our staff selects its Top 10 songs for our bi-annual Musician Labs Digital Sampler – a compilation of the ten best songs written by Musician Labs graduates over a six-month period. Musician Labs then circulates and presents the sampler to industry executives, managers, artists, publishing companies, TV and film sync reps, and other outlets to increase our students chances of having their songs heard by the right people. Musician Labs will follow-up if there is interest in any of the songs included on the sampler.

Musician Labs will ask for submissions and choose the songs that go onto the sampler. If your song is chosen and you wish to participate, Musician Labs will either green-light the current demo you have of the song for acceptance onto the sampler or work with you to get a proper demo made at a reasonable cost, ensuring your song meets our high standards.



Musician Lab Songwriting Summit  Songwriting Summits – discounted registration and participation in our on-ground events throughout the U.S.!  Details forthcoming…