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Say Hello To Your New Science Teachers.

Musician LabsMusician Labs is a one-of-a-kind, no-nonsense, instructional series and mentoring program for aspiring songwriters, dedicated to teaching the proven principles necessary for sustaining a successful career in the music business.

Co-founded and taught directly by legendary Nashville power-couple, Monty Powell and Anna Wilson, Musician Labs engages with students to offer a series of intensive workshops, lectures and demonstrations. Students learn directly from Monty and Anna as they teach and apply the Musician Labs Scientific Process – the same series of proprietary formulas that have generated the songwriting DNA on their over 70 Million RIAA-Certified records.

Monty and Anna’s songs have topped music charts for decades. Both together and individually, the two routinely write and produce hits for the who’s who in American Country and Popular music - names like Keith Urban, Lady Antebellum, Rascal Flatts, Reba McEntire and Tim McGraw (to name a mere handful). The list of awards they’ve amassed along the way serves as the ultimate evidence of their credibility – much in the same way that a doctorate degree qualifies a scientist, or a professor, or any working professional to teach from the top of their game.



By the conclusion of the Lab series, Musician Labs guarantees every student will have completed the course having written a song that is “above the bar” by the highest industry standards and carries the Musician Labs professional stamp of approval. 



MusicianLabs / Alchemy

Included with every registration, students have the option of creating a Musician Labs Alchemy page - their own dedicated song portfolio on MusicianLabs.com where students can upload their recordings, share them with their peers, and have them heard by an audience of industry pros. Alchemy is a curated networking platform and resume solution for students who want to be seen and heard with the support and endorsement of the Musician Labs name. (Think LinkedIn for songwriters.)


Scientific Method songwriting

Yes, science. Great songwriting, in particular hit songwriting, is achieved through a series of formulas. We've proven it time and time again. To sustain life as a career songwriter, you've got to know what the formulas are and how to put them to use. To realize this level of success is to realize the science behind it.

Successful songwriting doesn't come from luck. It's not a product of some divine inspiration. It's not on reserve for the gifted. It's not exclusive to the most creative. Successful songwriting is calculable, is procedural, and is controllable. It's a science.

Understanding and teaching you the science is what separates Musician Labs from all the other vacation-type songwriting camps that are out there. Do you want to know how to substantially improve? Do you want your music to be taken seriously? Do you want to know if you have what it really takes to achieve a successful career in music? Or do you want to sit around a fire pit and sing Kumbaya?

That's what we thought. Contact Us.

Professional Songwriter

You've had some success as a songwriter but you haven't reached the level you want to be at and maybe you're in a bit of a rut. Musician Labs will help you sharpen your craft while incorporating the science that's been missing from your approach. Get there (we'll see that you do) and unlock Business Action Labs to ignite your career prospects.

Casual Hobbyist Songwriter

You can play the requisite three chords. You know your way around a tune and can set your words to music. Songwriting is fun for you, but you have other things on your plate. You're looking for a fun challenge that will provide the answers you've been looking for. We have a spot in the Lab with your name on it.

Parent Of An Aspiring Songwriter

Maybe this sounds familiar: Your son or daughter is about to graduate from high school. You have little doubt that he or she has musical talent and you want to encourage and help develop that talent, whether it's writing songs, performing them, or both. But... read more...

Songwriting is elemental. Not elementary.

The real differentiator of Musician Labs is our commitment to providing value by making sure our students continue to receive unmatched support and opportunities after they've completed the course.

For students who are serious about continuing forward and exploring songwriting as a career, they have the option of participating in our exclusive Business Action Labs - a premiere collection of pay-as-you-go services that are unlocked once students complete Musician Labs. Business Action Labs are loaded with professional tools and services that are traditionally expensive and out-of-reach for the average songwriter.

Graduates of Musician Labs will have also unlocked our Master Labs series - the ongoing education element of Musician Labs. Master Labs are individual, intensive, live-video Labs taught by our personal network of industry professionals and artists. Topics include: The Application of Technology & Software to the Songwriting Process, Song Arrangement, Live Performance, Service-Specific Writing and more...

Business Action Labs element

Master Labs element

Musician Labs is not for everyone. In fact, when it comes to instruction, it's the epitome of exclusivity. We only work with the most serious and the most driven. We turn away more students than we let through. That said...

The Lab is now open. Switches have been thrown. Electricity is flowing. It's time to experiment with the next great songwriter. Will it be you?  Contact us now to see if you have what it takes or call (321)529-9299.

Follow The Science.



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